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BREAKING NEWS: "Tim Geithner Approves Birdhouse Bailout." "Birdie Madoff Gets Life Without Parole." Winner of California's EPA Waste Reduction Award Program in 2009 and cited in Alameda County's's waste reduction pilot study in 2009,our goal is to stabilize this housing market one birdhouse at a time.

Birdhouses made by Mother Nature and our patent pending RUSTECHNOLOGY(TM): "Like fine wine, we will sell no birdhouses before their time."

"Who said there's no affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area? We aim to bring birds of all colors back into your neighbor "hoods" despite gentrification, the housing meltdown, and urban renewal." All birdhouses are under $500,000 and many foreclosure specials.

Berkeley Rustic Birdhouses hand produces original and unique birdhouses and bird feeders made by local artists utilizing RUSTECHNOLOGY(we are not high tech; we are not even low tech, but even lower--we are Rustech, a top secret process to make the birdhouses and feeders weathered, patinated and rustic) All I can tell you is that the birdhouses are aged in oak barrels at least five years in a remote location in the Amazon rain forest.

We specialize in rustic birdhouses which are made of mainly recycled wood materials, metals, and local driftwood from Northern California and the Pacific Northwest which have been aged and patinated by mother nature. The birdhouses are ONE OF A KIND(we replicate styles, but rarely use templates so each one has each unique character) and are aged at least one year in nature's elements to give a very rustic appearance. The birdhouses does not only appear rustic but are rustic. Some birdhouses are over 10 years old.

THE BEST IN RUSTIC BIRDHOUSES and now, Urban Chicken Coops